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    Metro Lady Under Fire For Posting After Sex Photos With Boyfriend -

    A young Nigerian lady has come under fire after she posted photos of herself and her boyfriend before and after sex, with many believing, she has debased herself and womanhood. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Man Has Sex With Sister-in-Law, Posts After Sex Photos On Facebook -

    It seems Kenya is gradually becoming the centre of sin in Africa after a man identified as Joakim Cruzz, caused a stir after he posted photos of himself and a lady he claimed to be his sister-in-law after having sex. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Lady Shares After Sex Photos With White Lover Grabbing Her Breasts - Linda Ikeji

    This lady is certainly no stranger to nudity, even her avi is raunchy. That book on the bed perfectly captures the mood. International 'sexual' Relations. Lol. SEE PHOTOS HERE Read more via Linda Ikeji’s Blog – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro After 4-Hour Marathon Sex, Man Posts After-Sex Picture On Facebook [SEE PHOTO] - WowNaija

    A man (Name withheld) has got himself trending online after posting a controversial picture of himself and his female partner on Facebook. READ MORE HERE