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    Video Nigeria News Today - ‘Air force allowed Boko Haram operate freely’– Garkida residents speak on attack

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    World The Air Force has the money it needs for the A-10 Thunderbolt — but may get a new partner - Pulse ng

    The Air Force is set to acquire new wings for its A-10 Thunderbolts in order to keep the vaunted attack aircraft in operation until the 2030s. The Air Force told Congress last year that 110 of its 283 A-10s were at risk of being permanently grounded unless money was apportioned to restart...
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    Schedule Of Activities For The 2016 Nigerian AirForce Recruitment Exercise

    The 2016 Nigerian Air Force Zonal Recruitment Exercise is scheduled for 11th - 29th Apr 2016 at 13 Centres all over the country. The schedule of activities at the various Centres daily are as follows: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. All applicants are to come to the Centres ONLY on their...