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    World South Africa: ANC ‘decides Zuma must go’ – BBC News

    President Zuma’s time in office has been overshadowed by corruption allegations South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) will formally ask for President Jacob Zuma to resign after he refused to do so earlier, reports say. The reported decision to “recall” him followed … Read...
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    World ANC Suffers Historical Defeat in South African Capital Election

    South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) suffered a historic defeat in the nation’s capital to the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) in local elections, the electoral commission said Saturday. In Tshwane, the metropolitan area that includes Pretoria, DA won 43 percent of the vote...
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    World South Africa's Jacob Zuma Faces Impeachment

    South Africa's parliament is due to vote on an opposition-sponsored motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma. The Democratic Alliance (DA) said he was no longer fit to govern after the country's highest court ruled last week that he had breached the constitution by failing to repay public money...