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    Gionee A1 - Beautiful Selfies, Powerful Battery: Get Set To Be Amazed

    Think of a phone that has the specs of a professional camera, the skills of an experienced make-up artist, and a power station for battery and you will get the new Gionee A1 with a 16 MP front, 13MP rear camera and a 4010 Milliampere battery. Clearly, the Gionee A1 is a joy to behold; it...
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    Gionee M6: Marathon Is Not A Myth

    For the smartphone world, it is the best of times, as it is the time of bests. The Gionee M6 is a fresh evolution of the almighty Gionee species that promises to raise the smartphone experience to newborn dimensions with a powerful battery. SLIM BUT MIGHTY The Gionee M6 can claim such a tag...
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    If You've Got The Gionee F103 Pro, Flaunt It

    They say everyone is looking for the phone that makes them complete. Till they find it, their search is endless. But, when they find it….. You can’t deny the joy it brings as they unwrap that special phone The Gionee F103 Pro THE SPECIFICATIONS · 2,400mAh Battery · 5.0 Inches HD IPS...
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    How To Share Files Between Between Android And Blackberry

    So you want to crossover from Blackberry phones to Android or vice versa and you want to transfer your files between them but hindered by time and data? Quite easy!!. There is an app with which you can share your files without consuming any of your data or time. The app name is ES File...
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    4 Important Reasons You Should Not Root Your Phone

    What does it mean to root your phone? Rooting your phone means you give yourself root or superuser privileges, giving you access to system files and ability to change things that normally are marked read only. Also, it removes all software/firmware restrictions on your device. Just imagine it...
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    How To Recover Lost Notifications On Your Android Phone

    You might have made a call, received a message or got a notification and you cannot remember specifically when. Stress no more, you can actually access your notification histories on your Android mobile phone. Follow the simple steps below: 1. Long-tap on any blank space on your Android home...
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    How To Stop Random Apps From Automatically Installing/Updating On Your Phones

    There has been an increase in the number of malware apps ravaging Android devices which is becoming somewhat problematic. Most frustrating are those malwares that keep downloading and installing random apps without your consent. Some of these apps just pop up with random adverts in your device...