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    World Bloomberg: Apple will start making a smaller, cheaper iPhone in February – Engadget

    Apple might launch a new low-cost iPhone very, very soon. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant’s suppliers will start assembling an affordable iPhone model, the company’s first since the iPhone SE, as soon as February. Further, Apple will reportedly unveil the device in March. Reports...
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    World Trump says Tim Cook made ‘good case’ that trade war helps Samsung over Apple – The Verge

    President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook “made a very compelling argument” that tariffs on China will hamper Apple’s ability to compete with Samsung. The pair had dinner on Friday night at the president’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and Trump … Read more via The Verge –...
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    World Warning Issued For Millions Of Apple iPhone Users – Forbes

    Apple’s new iPhone 11 is coming very soon and it is already facing extreme scrutiny for the way it looks and the moderate upgrades being made. But now existing iPhone owners have been hit by a far more immediate concern. All Apple’s latest iPhones have "user-hostile" software built-in which …...
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    World Analyst: Apple will soon ditch its butterfly keyboard design – Engadget

    After years of controversy and technical difficulties, Apple could be about to give up on the butterfly mechanism keyboard in its MacBooks. According to a report authored by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who has a decent record in accurate Apple predictions........ Read more via Engadget –...
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    World Jony Ive’s 15 most iconic Apple products and designs – CNET

    Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, announced Thursday that he's leaving the company later this year. He will start his own design firm, for which Apple will be a primary client. During his nearly 30 years Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    Business Apple rattled by exit of chief designer Jony Ive – P.M. News

    Shares of Apple fell by as much as 1.5% following the announcement of the planned departure of Jony Ive, a close creative collaborator with Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs whose iPhone and other designs fuelled Apple’s rise to a $1 trillion company..... Read more via P.M. News –...
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    World Apple warns China tariffs will help rivals – BBC News

    Apple has joined a growing chorus of firms urging the Trump administration to drop a plan for more US tariffs on Chinese goods. The US has said it may impose duties on $300bn (£236.1bn) worth of Chinese products if the two sides can’t reach … Read more via BBC News –
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    Business Amazon topples Google, Apple as world’s most valuable brand – P.M. News

    Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, the US retail giant has moved past hi-tech titans Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand, a … Read more via P.M. News – Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    World More Bad News For Apple As New iPhone Designs Exposed – Forbes

    There’s a popular theory emerging from Apple fans: the company’s ugly new iPhone designs will not look so bad once you get them in hand. But they’re wrong. Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max renders based on leaked schematics show the polarising new camera design Ben Geskin Following …...
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    Business Apple Has Deleted Its Facebook And Instagram Pages For ITunes – Nairaland

    A lot of signals is shown, looking more and more likely that iTunes’ days are numbered. Topmag noticed that Apple has cleared out its Instagram and Facebook pages for the program, removing all of its pictures, posts, and videos. We note that Apple appears to have … Read more via Nairaland –...
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    World If China Really Wants to Retaliate, It Will Target Apple – Wired

    Apple has a Huawei problem. Of the myriad issues raised by the evolving and intensifying US-China trade Cold War, the knock-on effects on Apple have been perhaps least appreciated. And not just Apple of course, but a slew of American companies that have both shifted production to China over …...
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    World Apple Releases iOS 12.3: Here’s All You Need To Know – Forbes

    Today, Apple has released iOS 12.3, a major point update with several new features. Six beta versions appeared before today’s release and it brings to the software something promised by Apple at its event in March. Here are the details.… Read more via Forbes – Get...
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    World Apple Plans to Buy $75 Billion More of Its Own Stock – NYT > Business

    SAN FRANCISCO — Shortly after Apple used a new tax law last year to bring back most of the $252 billion it had held abroad, the company said it would buy back $100 billion of its stock. On Tuesday, Apple announced its plans for another major chunk … Read more via NYT > Business –...
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    World Powerful New iPhone Expected After Apple’s Embarrassing Surrender – Forbes

    It looks like Apple will be just eighteen months late to the market with a 5G iPhone, and it only took an embarrassing legal climb down for it to happen. Monday saw Huawei offer a supply of 5G modems for the iPhone. This would be the first time that the manufacturer offered...... Read more...
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    World An IOS App That Secretly Spies on You, And More News – Wired

    Hackers found their way into Apple’s ecosystem, and possibly your phone Cyber criminals have been directing users to download something called Exodus, an app that was actually malware. It allowed access to photos, videos, device IDs, audio recordings, and … Read more via Wired –...
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    World Apple Loses $57 Billion, Drops To 4th Most Valuable Company In The World – Nairaland

    Apple just lost $57 billion in the stock market and dropped to the fourth most valuable company..... Read more via Nairaland – Get more World News
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    World Warren Buffett big loser with Apple Inc. – P.M. News

    The plunge in Apple Inc’s share price will cause new pain for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, after the conglomerate suffered a big quarterly decline in its net worth that will hit its bottom line. Berkshire’s share price fell more than 4 percent on Thursday after … Read more via...
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    World Apple’s New iPhones Have A Serious Design Problem – Forbes

    The word is out, is slashing iPhone prices and the reasons why are increasingly clear. Consequently, Apple is investigating the return of an iPhone feature favourite to win fans back, a new report reveals this is about to get a lot harder… In a nutshell: Barron’s reports Apple has … Read...
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    World Microsoft beats Apple for biggest market cap – BBC News

    Microsoft has unseated Apple to rank as the world’s most valuable listed company, reclaiming the number one spot after more than 15 years. The software giant ended Friday with a market … Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
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    World Finance: Apple slides below $200 for the first time in 3 months (AAPL) –

    Apple shares slide below $200 for the first time in three months. The tech giant’s market capitalization dropped below $1 trillion on Friday. The company reported last week … Read more via – Nigeria’s entertainment & lifestyle platform online – Get more...