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    General Learn These Fundamentals Of The Bespoke Software Development Process

    There are several vital fundamentals of the bespoke software development process – which must be learned and mastered. Notable software engineering fundamentals help us navigate intensive development projects successfully, establish strong coding habits, and produce high-quality applications...
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    World 50 journalists lose job to robots at Microsoft – P.M. News
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    General Health Artificial intelligence finds lung cancer – BBC News

    Artificial intelligence is better than specialist doctors at diagnosing lung cancer, a US study suggests. The researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois and Google hope the technology could boost the effectiveness of cancer screening. Finding tumours at an earlier stage should make...
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    World Google bans AI for weapon use – BBC News

    Google has promised not to use AI for weapons, following protests over its partnership with the US military. A decision to provide machine-learning tools to analyse drone footage caused some employees to resign. Google told employees last week it would not renew its contract … Read more...
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    Metro Meet The Nigerian Who Is Building A Computer Made Of 'Actual Brains'

    Agabi. Image courtesy of IndieBio SF Last month, Google’s AI division, DeepMind, announced that its computer had defeated Europe's Go champion in five straight games. Go, a strategy game played on a 19x19 grid, is exponentially more difficult for a computer to master than chess—there are 20...