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    4 Avoidable Habits That Can Ruin Your Car

    Acquiring a car is serious investment and definitely we want our cars to keep running for as long as possible. Sometimes, our own little actions are our car's worst enemies. Which of the following are you guilty of? :) 1. Revving The Engine Before It Is Warm Allowing your car to sit for...
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    7 Important Things To Check On Your Car Before Traveling

    Your vehicle is a machine, which means it is subject to break down during stress. Nothing stresses you vehicle as much as taking it on a long trip. It is necessary to carry out proper checks on some important components of your vehicle before you take that long drive to avoid casualties. Listed...
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    How To Avoid An Accident When Your Steering Wheel Fails While Driving

    It is possible of any part of a vehicle to malfunction anytime, be it brakes, tyres, steering wheel etc. When such happens and it is not properly managed, accidents are bound to occur. The steering wheel plays a very important role in driving. Therefore, if you discover that your steering is no...
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    How To Avoid Car Damage In Flood And Rain

    The rains have been poring down in torrents of recent and a lot of cars have been damaged as a result. These few tips will help avoid damages to your cars during these period. 1. Always monitor the weather forecast for chance of isolated thunderstorms, low-pressure areas and typhoons. Doing...
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    How To Get Your Vehicle MOT From The Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO)

    To get your MOT certificate from the Vehicle Inspection Office, these are the required steps Go to and sign up for a free account and login with your username and password Update your profile and fill all the required fields properly Select 'My Vehicles' link...
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    Metro FRSC Begins Monitoring Of Vehicles Tyres: Important Precautions You Must Take

    Due to the recent increase in road crashes in different parts of the country resulting from tyre blow out, the Federal Road Safety Commission this week commenced a nationwide monitoring of vehicle tyres. According to the commission, this was to reduce the usage of expired and substandard tyres...