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    Metro 'My Husband Has Big Useless Manhood, He Can’t Go More Than 1 Round' - Zimbabwean Lady - B-Metro

    AN ABUSIVE man was brought to shame last week on Tuesday at the Lupane Magistrates’ Courts when his bitter wife complained that he had a big but useless organ. Thando Sengwayo (29) did not live up to his name which literally means “love” but opted to be physically abusive whenever a domestic...
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    Metro Zimbabwean Man Caught Pants Down After 8 Rounds Of Sex With Goat [SEE PHOTOS] - B Metro News

    SOME people will go to great lengths to be rich but one Beitbridge young man took it to “absurd” levels when he acted on the advice of a sangoma to have 10 rounds of sex with a goat to make the cash. With just one round left — after completing nine — Kudakwashe Hondoro ran out of luck...
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    Metro Fear Grips Village As Water Turns Bloody Red, Invite Popular Witch Hunter - B Metro

    A WAVE of fear gripped Sikapila Village under Chief Sipepa in Tsholotsho amid chilling reports that one of the villagers’ water was allegedly poisoned while at a community borehole and mysteriously turned into a blood red-like colour. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Palm Sunday: Outrage Sparked After Ugandans Hired A White Man To Play Jesus For Them - B Metro

    A heated debate has been sparked online after a White man was allegedly hired to play the role of Jesus Christ for Palm Sunday celebration at Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine in Kampala, Uganda. Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy Week and the day Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into...
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    World Zimbabwean Man Catches His Wife Pants Down With Her 'Uncle' In Bed, Attempts Suicide [B-Metro]

    IF you thought every man your partner or wife introduces to you as their relative is really a relative you might change your mind after reading this “super” story. A man from Mberengwa Business Centre received the shock of his life when he walked on his wife allegedly Unclad and canoodling in...
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    World Two Pupils Caught Having Sex In A Cemetery - B Metro News

    WHEN it comes to sex, sometimes real life mimics fiction. These words were played out by a seemingly disturbing incident of two shameless pupils from two different high schools in Bulawayo (names supplied) who were caught romping in a cemetery. The pupils’ raunchy encounter is said to have...
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    World I've Slept With 7 Men And All Have Died Within Two Months Of Having Sex With Me - Woman Cries Out

    A woman has revealed that men like her so much and want to bed her but seven men that have done so are now dead. Rejoice Mukorima (40) made these startling revelations at a Johane Masowe weChishanu Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where she sought deliverance. “I slept with seven men and all of...