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    Debra Lee Stepping Down As BET Chairman And CEO After Over 30 Years With Network – Shadowandact

    Debra Lee has stepped down as chairman and CEO of BET. This comes after Scott Mills was named president last November and she ceded day-to-day duties to him. Lee’s role will not be replaced, and her last day is May 28. “In 1986 I joined BET Networks to be its … via SHADOW&ACT Home –...
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    Entertainment Jesse Williams to Be Fired From Grey's Anatomy ?

    Some fans of Grey's Anatomy TV series has started a petition to get Jesse Williams fired from from the show. READ: Jesse Williams' Gives Powerful BET Speech on Racism in America The petition, has garnered about 1,796 signatures The petition states: "Jesse Williams spewed a racist, hate...
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    SURE 6 –The Facts Behind Nigeria’s Most Popular FREE Online Game

    Heard so much about Sure 6? Here is what it is about Sure 6 is a brilliantly designed predictive game on the English Premier League (EPL) designed to encourage a spirit of responsible gambling among the populace. It is a product from Nigeria’s premier sports betting institution; Surebet247. It...