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    Family Health Birth Control Pills for Men are Possible, Studies Suggest – sexhealthmatters

    Birth control pills may eventually be available for men, scientists say. A final product may still be years in the making, but researchers have deemed the medications safe and tolerable for healthy men..... Read more via News
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    Family Health The midlife guide to contraception: thought you didn’t need contraception post 40? Think again –

    Just because you’ve passed your fertility prime, doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of an unexpected arrival. So what are your birth-control options now? Jessica Salter looks at modern methods for midlifers... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health Relationship abuse, like breaking condoms and hiding birth control, is ‘alarmingly’ common among teens, study – The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Nearly one in eight sexually active high school girls are pressured by a partner to become pregnant or not use birth control, a study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children’s Hospital suggests.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Family Health Please Don’t Try The “Natural” Birth Control Methods In This Viral Tweet – BuzzFeed News

    A viral tweet that purports to list natural ingredients for birth control isn’t based on science and could be dangerous, an expert told BuzzFeed News. "There’s no science or medicine to it at all," Nate DeNicola, a board certified OB/GYN and assistant professor at George Washington University...
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    Video 4 Surprising Ways Birth Control Could Affect Your Future Fertility

    A prime example: infertility. The truth is, infertility is an uncomfortable topic, and as a result, people don't talk about it. This leads to couples experiencing more anxiety, stress, and confusion than they ever should on their journey to starting a family—with women often bearing the brunt of...
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    General Health 4 Surprising Ways Birth Control Could Affect Your Future Fertility – mindbodygreen

    Almost 20% of women seeking treatment for infertility show signs of advanced ovarian aging. Antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals and are crucial in ovarian health. How does birth control fit into this? The pill is known to deplete antioxidants like CoQ10, vitamin E, vitamin C, and...
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    Family Health Your 101 Guide To Understanding Birth Control In All Its Forms – AskMen

    Birth control. Of course you’ve heard of the term, but do you really know anything about it? You might have a slight clue about how birth control can help prevent pregnancies, but you’re probably left in the dark when it comes to the actual ins and outs of contraceptives. If you’re having sex...
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    Sexual Health 10 Things Every Sexually Active Adult Should Know

    Let’s talk about sex. If that phrase alone makes you squirm in your chair, keep reading and know that you are not alone. Sexual health is often thought of as an off-limits topic when it comes to general interpersonal interactions. Somehow over time, sex became a taboo subject, so most people...
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    Family Health These Are the Only Kinds of Birth Control That Also Protect Against STIs – SELF

    If you drew a Venn diagram to compare the kinds of birth control that prevent pregnancy and the ones that protect against sexually transmitted infections, the overlapping portion in the middle representing those that do both would be pretty small. While all forms of contraception are designed...
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    Ready for babies, Vera Sidika removes her birth control implants (Graphic Photos) –...

    Vera Sidika took to Snapchat to share graphic videos of her birth control implant being removed while adding that she and her man are ready for babies! The Kenyan socialite says she hasn’t seen her period in a year and doesn’t look forward to … via Nigerian: Breaking News In Nigeria |...