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    World Stop Referring To God As ‘He' or 'She' - First Female Bishop In Lords Insists

    The first woman to take a Bishop’s seat in the House of Lords has said that God should not be referred to as either ‘He’ or ‘She’, insisting that God is gender-neutral. The Bishop of Gloucester, who today took her place in the upper chamber for the first time, said that she always referred to...
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    Politics Anglican Bishop Rejects Gov. Okorocha Donation, Condemns him for Inflicting Suffering on the Masses

    The Anglican Bishop Diocese of Owerri, Bishop Cyril C Okorocha has rejected Governor Rochas Okorocha donation of N200,000 to the church at the diocesan synod of the Anglican Communion which held at St John’s Anglican Church, New Owerri. Bishop Cyril Okorocha went on to lambast Governor...