buhari in washington

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    Politics President Buhari Yet To Arrive Nigeria Two Days After Leaving U.S. - Premium Times

    President Muhammadu Buhari’s whereabouts appears shrouded in mystery, two days after he left Washington following a bilateral meeting with President Donald Trump. READ MORE HERE
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    Politics Herdsmen Crisis Is Tied To Gadaffi And The Libyan Crisis - Buhari To Trump - Linda Ikeji News

    President Buhari has once again linked the increading herdsmen crisis to hitmen trained by deceased Libyan leader, Muammar Gadaffi. While speaking to US presidnet, Donald Trump, yesterday April 30th, President Buhari said READ MORE HERE
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    Politics See What President Buhari Said About Nigeria In Washington DC - Sahara Reporters

    Mr President of the United States of America, Ladies and Gentlemen of the media. It has been a pleasure and honour to visit Washington DC at the kind invitation of President Donald Trump. Nigeria and the United States share a long history of close and cordial relations, which encompass...
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    Politics ANALYSIS: How Buhari performed at White House press briefing with Trump – Premium Times Nigeria

    At home, President Muhammadu Buhari seizes every opportunity of his irregular public appearances to harp on Nigeria’s dwindling oil revenues. At some point in 2016, he recalled how crude prices suddenly dived when he assumed office as the head of a military junta in 1980s and wondered why God...