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    Politics 10 Important Foreign Trips Made By President Buhari In Last 2 Years

    One of the criticisms against the administration President Buhari in the last 2 years is his foreign trips. Mr. Buhari had embarked on not less than 30 foreign trips since his inauguration two years ago. In an investigation by Sahara Reporters, detailing the important financial cost of journeys...
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    Politics [LIST AND DATE] : President Buhari’s 30 Foreign Trips Since June 2015

    Between June 2015 and May 2016, President Buhari has embarked on 30 foreign trips to 22 countries. Below are the countries with the month the president visited. Niger Republic - (June 3, 2015) Chad - (June 4, 2015) Germany - (June 7, 2015) South Africa - (June and December...