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    Video Nigeria News Today - Xenophobia: South Africa May Place 10-Year Travel Ban On Evacuated Nigerians

    Today's News Highlights Include
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    Politics Yes, Nigeria is Fantastically Corrupt – Buhari Admits

    President Buhari has admitted that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, a statement made by British PM Cameron. Buhari said this on Wednesday while he was fielding a question from a journalist with The Sky News in London at an anti-corruption event hosted by the Commonwealth. The 29-minute video...
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    World David Cameron Withdraws ‘Fantastically Corrupt’ Statement on Nigeria

    Just a day after British Prime Minister David Cameron referred to Nigeria and Afghanistan has fantastically corrupt nations, the leader of the conservatives has praised the nations for the action they have taken in combating corruption. He made the comments during Prime Minister's Questions in...
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    Metro [LIST] 7 Reasons Why Buhari Should Not Be Embarrassed By Cameron’s ‘Fantastically Corrupt’ Statement

    The British Prime Minister and leader of the conservatives, David Cameron, has since Tuesday been at the centre of criticisms over his ‘fantastically corrupt’ remarks on Nigeria. Cameron was caught on camera on Tuesday telling Queen Elizabeth that leaders of some “fantastically corrupt”...
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    World David Cameron Also Guilty of Epic Hypocrisy – UK Guardian

    In reaction to British Prime Minister’s ‘fantastically corrupt’ statement on Nigerian and Afghanistan , The UK Guardian has written an editorial saying that Cameron might not be personally corrupt but he is certainly guilty of epic hypocrisy. According to the editorial, under successive UK...