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    5 signs you need to update your CV and look for a new job –

    Read and get to know the five good reasons you need to quit a job. Everyone desires to have a dream job that guarantees job security and satisfaction to attain their career goals, but hey, not all jobs can grant such desires. Any … Read more via –
  2. M

    Apply: Pond’s Fellowship Program for Women Innovators

    The Pond’s Fellowship Program is a partnership between Unilever and Vital Voices, the program brings together and emboldens women leaders of NGOs and businesses who are determined to challenge the status quo. We encourage applications from women driven by values such as compassion, inclusion...
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    Jobs: Standard Bank - Associate, Real Estate Finance

    Job Details This team focuses on the Real Estate equities portfolio in South Africa and the rest of our African operations, spanning Joint Ventures and Affordable Housing Development, which supports our commitment to meaningful transformation by providing high-quality homes for low-income...
  4. stato

    How To Get A Job When You Are Not Fully Qualified

    I was reading this article on LinkedIn by Raghav Haran and it got me thinking about all of the possibilities that exist for advancing a career based solely on accomplishments. I remember the good old days when the qualifications listed on a resume were the only criteria that companies used to...