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    General Health Does nicotine cause cancer by itself? – Medical News Today

    Nicotine is the primary substance in cigarettes that causes addiction, but most experts agree that it does not directly cause cancer. Most research points to cigarette smoke, not nicotine, as being the primary contributor to cancer among smokers. However, although most experts agree that...
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    General Health My “Tiredness” Turned Out to Be This Common Condition That Causes Cancer | Reader’s Digest

    An underdiagnosed genetic condition turned Bev Michel’s life into daily agony; it may have even given her cancer. Here’s what she learned—and everyone should know. In 2012, Bev Michel found a large … Read more via Reader’s Digest
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    General Health Cancer surviving grandad issues warning that men over 50 shouldn’t ignore – northwales

    A doting grandfather who has survived cancer twice is urging men over 50 to have their prostate checked. Henry Rees-Williams, 66, from Pwllheli, Gwynedd was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year, nearly a decade after surviving stage four bowel cancer. He now wants men to know the...
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    General Health This Graphic Shows What Really Matters in Preventing Cancer – Vitals

    Living a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent cancer. (No cancer is completely preventable, though; genetics and bad luck are factors, too.) But which lifestyle factors really matter? The World Cancer Research Fund has a handy graphic to point them out. The only things that … Read more via...
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    Two common iron supplements may cause cancer – Medical News Today

    A new study finds that two iron compounds, which are used in supplements and food additives, raise levels of a cancer biomarker — even when consumed in low amounts. Certain iron supplements may raise the risk of colorectal cancer, a study shows. The new research comes from … Read more via...