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  1. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook’s accounts on Twitter and Instagram were hacked – CNET

    Hackers temporarily took over Facebook's accounts on Twitter and Instagram on Friday through a third-party platform, raising concerns about the security of the social networks. Both accounts are back to normal.... Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    World Jupiter just got slammed by something so big we saw it from Earth – CNET

    An amateur astronomer caught something spectacular with a backyard telescope Wednesday when he recorded a bright flash on the surface of Jupiter. The biggest planet in the solar system routinely delivers stunning pictures, like those snapped … Read more via CNET – Get...
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    World Samsung quietly pulls ads mocking Apple’s killing of headphone jack after following suit – CNET

    Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10 line is ditching its headphone jack. After years of being one of the last true holdouts, it seems that not even the mighty Samsung could continue to prolong the inevitable death of the beloved port.... Read more via CNET – Get more World News
  4. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment I watched the new Lion King without seeing the original and I have questions – CNET

    The first time I heard The Circle of Life it was 2 a.m. on a Thursday night. I was 22. My friend and I were working late at my university’s media labs with an assignment deadline looming. Many hours into delirium, … via CNET – Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    World Jony Ive’s 15 most iconic Apple products and designs – CNET

    Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, announced Thursday that he's leaving the company later this year. He will start his own design firm, for which Apple will be a primary client. During his nearly 30 years Read more via CNET – Get more World News
  6. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Disney’s Maleficent sequel, Mistress of Evil, gets first dark trailer – CNET

    Disney just dropped a teaser trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the sequel to Maleficent. Remember her? One of the most notorious villains in the Disney bad guy pantheon? Well, you will. Besides being an incredibly difficult via CNET – Get more Nigeria...
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    Digital 6 new hacks for your Android and iPhone – CNET

    You may not know what to do with your phone that’s only one or two years old. It’s still useful and has a ton of life left, but you just upgraded to the newest version. Sure, you could give it to a relative or recycle it. Or, you could give … Read more via CNET
  8. Nigeria Business News

    Business Microsoft joins $1 trillion market cap club – CNET

    Microsoft has joined an exclusive club whose only membership requirement is a market capitalization value of $1 trillion or more, and in the process it’s nabbed the crown for most-valuable company. The software giant broke the barrier Wednesday in after-hours trading when shares jumped more...
  9. Nigeria World News

    World How to watch the first image of a black hole get revealed Wednesday – CNET

    It’s a historic day for astronomy, and perhaps the beginning of a new chapter in how we understand the universe and the fundamental laws of physics. Scientists are set to unveil the first ever direct image of a black hole Wednesday and you can watch the grand reveal right … Read more via...
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    Digital 10 ways to download and read books online for free – CNET

    If you’re like me, books are a refuge, whether on my Nook, my Pixel 3 ($699 at Walmart) or on the paper page. I love the complete immersion that a story and its characters bring. But when you’re reading several books a month, getting new titles the easy way, from … Read more via CNET...
  11. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Woman gets clawed by jaguar while trying to take selfie – CNET

    A woman survived a close encounter with a jaguar after trying to take a selfie with it at an Arizona zoo on Saturday. The big cat apparently got its… Read more via CNET – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  12. Nigeria Business News

    Business Will Apple jump on the foldable phone trend? video – CNET

    The Apple Core Will Apple jump on the foldable phone trend? February 28, 2019 PhonesApple Read more via CNET – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  13. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Black Panther roars with early Grammy Award win for musical score – CNET

    You’ll hear the sounds of Wakanda forever. Black Panther won an early Grammy Award for best score soundtrack for visual media in advance of Sunday night’s awards ceremony. Composer Ludwig Göransson was chatting with Variety when he received the news. “(Director) Ryan Coogler..... via CNET –...
  14. Nigeria World News

    World Scientists in China claim to have created first gene-edited human babies – CNET

    The twin girls are, according to a Chinese research team, the very first genetically modified human beings. The research was first detailed by MIT's Technology Review and linked to Chinese medical documents in the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry led by.... Read more via CNET –...
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    World Harvard scientists: Strange asteroid could be a ‘probe’ from an ‘alien civilisation’ – CNET – CNET

    Oumuamua has been confusing scientists ever since astronomers first sighted it back in 2017. It's most likely a skyscraper-sized asteroid from another part of the..... Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    World Apple’s iOS 12.1 software with Group FaceTime, new emoji hits iPhones Tuesday – CNET

    Apple’s iOS 12.1 update will arrive on iPhones and iPads on Tuesday, the same day the company will launch its newest iPads and Macs. Group FaceTime automatically … Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    World YouTube experiences widespread outage – CNET – CNET

    YouTube YouTube appeared to be experiencing widespread service disruption Tuesday night, showing users a blank website frame instead of the usual site populated by videos..... Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    World iPhone XS goes on sale, drawing fewer crowds but plenty of fans – CNET News

    South Korean student Teddy Lee and YouTuber Mazen Kourouche walk out with two of the first iPhone XS … Read more via CNET – Get more World News
  19. E

    Entertainment Jordan Peele steps into Twilight Zone as new host – CNET

    Oscar-winning screenwriter Jordan Peele is taking on an iconic role: host of the The Twilight Zone. Peele tweeted a video Thursday featuring his voice alternating with Rod Serling’s famous voiceover announcing the viewer’s journey into another dimension. Serling was creator … via CNET –...
  20. stato

    World NASA names its first female chief flight director – CNET – CNET

    NASA has appointed Holly Ridings as its next chief flight director, marking the first time a woman has held the role. Holly Ridings started with NASA in 1998. Bill Stafford/NASA Ridings, who’s been with NASA since … Read more via CNET – Get more World News