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    Video Six milder symptoms which may indicate you have coronavirus

    A persistent new cough and a fever are the key symptoms of the coronavirus. But those who have suffered the illness have reported other symptoms including a loss of sense of smell and stomach ache. There have now been 165 positive tests recorded in North East local authority areas and 542 in...
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    World Coronavirus vaccine: Trump offers $1b to German firm – P.M. News
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    Video Nigeria News Today - Stop talking before they come for you – Shehu Sani warns Sultan of Sokoto

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    Metro WHO Staff Tests Positive For Coronavirus – Tori News Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Video 7 myths about Coronavirus you should know

    As the novel coronavirus—now known as COVID-19—continues to spread across the globe, so does misinformation surrounding it. While it's true that there is still a lot to be learned about the incredibly infectious and sometimes deadly disease that originated in Wuhan, China, there are many things...
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    General Health Preparing for Coronavirus: Dos and Don’ts – WebMD Health Read more via WebMD Health
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    General Health How can you prevent yourself from getting coronavirus? – euronews Read more via euronews
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    World Some African countries at risk for the new coronavirus aren’t prepared - The Verge
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    General Health Here’s What You, Personally, Should Do About Coronavirus – Vice

    The CDC announced Tuesday that it considers widespread coronavirus in the U.S. more of a “when” than an “if” situation, and people have, unsurprisingly, been freaking out. There’s plenty of cause for concern: As of this writing, more than 82,000 cases of coronavirus … Read more via Vice...
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    General Health Coronavirus: 6 precautionary tips to avoid contracting viral disease –

    As Nigeria records its first case of coronavirus, the Nigerian government has put in place measures to ensure it does not spread further. The federal ministry of health has released 6 major tips on how to avoid contracting the viral disease.... Read more via
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    General Health Coronavirus advice – ways to reduce risk of catching it – This is The West Country

    AVOIDING hand-shakes is one effective way of reducing the risk of catching coronavirus, experts say. Thorough hand-washing, maintaining distance from others and avoiding contact like hand-shakes can be a good way to stem the spread … Read more via This is The West Country
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    General Health How Long Can Coronavirus Live On Surfaces, And Does Disinfecting Work? – HuffPost UK

    When it comes to the new coronavirus going around (aka COVID-19), good hygiene seems to be our best line of defense. Because the virus has only been on our radar for a couple of months, we don’t have a preventive vaccine yet, nor do we have an effective way … Read more via HuffPost UK...
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    General Health The long-term effects of the coronavirus –

    While some reports indicate that the spread of the virus in China has slowed, it is still too early to tell if this trend will hold. The global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 is the ultimate news story. On the one hand, new statistics are announced on an hourly basis.... Read more via...
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    World Coronavirus claims first European victim as man dies in Italy – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    A 78-year-old man has become the first European person to die after being infected with the coronavirus, health authorities said today. The man, named by Italian news agency Ansa as retired bricklayer Adriano Trevisan, died at a hospital in Padua, northern Italy.... Read more via Welcome...
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    World African Health System Ill-Equipped To Handle Coronavirus Outbreak – WHO – Channels Television

    The World Health Organization warned Saturday that African health systems would be ill-equipped to respond to the deadly coronavirus outbreak should cases start to proliferate on the continent.... Read more via Channels Television – Get more World News
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    Metro Chloroquine not yet confirmed treatment for COVID-19, Says Mamora – The Guardian Nigeria News

    The Federal Government, yesterday, said though Chloroquine Phosphate is one of the drugs being considered to be effective to added to the protocol for the management of Coronavirus, it has not been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to government, … Read more via...
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    Metro Rowdiness, as Reps shoot down motion to evacuate Nigerians from Wuhan - PM News

    There was rowdiness at the House of Representatives on Tuesday as lawmakers shot down a motion for the evacuation of Nigerians from Wuhan, China, a city ravaged by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. A lawmaker, Ben Kalu had sought the permission of the House to move a motion of urgent public...
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    General Health Stop Touching Your Face – Gizmodo

    The new decade has brought along a SARS-like, pneumonia-causing coronavirus that’s already sickened at least 9,000 people and killed over 200 worldwide. If you’re scared about threats like the Wuhan virus, then there’s one very easy thing you can start … Read more via Gizmodo...
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    General Health US officials prepare for a coronavirus pandemic –

    As the coronavirus epidemic worsens in China and the virus trickles beyond the country’s borders, U.S. officials are taking precautions, just in case the virus becomes "the next pandemic." As a result, 195 Americans who were flown from Wuhan to the U.S. will be quarantined for 14 days, the...
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    World WHO declares global emergency as Coronavirus’ death toll rises to 170 in China - The Cable

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a global emergency on Coronavirus as the death toll from the disease has risen to 170 in China. WHO made the declaration on Thursday, saying the disease now represents a risk beyond China, where it emerged last month. In a series of tweets...