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  1. Nigeria World News

    World This Alleged Bitcoin Scam Looked a Lot Like a Pyramid Scheme – Wired

    The world of cryptocurrency has no shortage of imaginary investment products. Fake coins. Fake blockchain services. Fake cryptocurrency exchanges. Now five men behind a company called BitClub Network are accused of a $722 million scam that allegedly preyed on victims who thought they were...
  2. Nigeria World News

    World The New York Post: Libra partner MasterCard is building its own cryptocurrency team –

    Big payment companies face revolutionary pressures from the development of digital money. Mastercard MA, +0.91% , which is partnered with Facebook FB, +0.61% on its.... Read more via – Top Stories – Get more World News
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Interview: Grey Jabesi on innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa – IT News Africa news

    24-year-old Grey Jabesi, autodidact and crypto enthusiast, has just recently been appointed the new Director of Marketing for The Blockchain Association of Africa — based in Cape Town. IT News Africa’s Jenna Cook had the opportunity to chat with him about cryptocurrencies, podcasts and...
  4. Nigeria Business News

    Business Bitcoin Still in Bull Market Territory as Gold Plummets; Will Growing Economic Stability Slow BTC? | NewsBTC

    Both Bitcoin (BTC) and gold have once again been caught in the throes of volatility that have allowed them to form fresh levels of support and resistance that will likely continue to hold strong in the near-future. Despite this volatility, Bitcoin is still in a firm bull market, and … Read...
  5. Nigeria Business News

    Business This father of three put everything into bitcoin. Here’s what happened next. – Vox

    When I jumped on a WhatsApp call with 41-year old Didi Taihuttu, he was a few days away from joining his family on CoinBank’s annual Mediterranean “Blockchain Cruise” — a combination vacation getaway and crypto symposium at which all the movers and shakers in the decentralized finance arena get...
  6. justforex

    Forex Trading on the Rise Amid Fake Cryptocurrency Volume Reports

    Cryptocurrency was intended to be fully transparent, with everyone being able to trace coins and tokens between different wallets. This would allow the power users to monitor the situation on the market and make sure that everyone is playing fair. And yet, it appears that this idea has failed...
  7. Nigeria World News

    World “Double-your-Bitcoin” website goes viral but smells like a Ponzi scheme – Decrypt

    Doubly is the latest high-yield investment program and has raised more than a few eyebrows. It offers a 300 percent return within 54 days—funds are paid out daily—and a 15 percent commission for every new person introduced. AND it claims your funds are insured. If that’s not a warning …...
  8. Nigeria World News

    World Bitcoin may rapidly push Earth past global warming tipping point – SlashGear

    A new study warns that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it could help push the Earth’s temperature past the 2°C global warming threshold in only a couple decades. The reason lies in how bitcoin and similar digital money works: by utilizing substantial hardware resources, gobbling up...
  9. curator

    Business Google to lift ban on cryptocurrency advertising next month – TODAY.NG

    Google will resume accepting cryptocurrency-related online advertising after previously banning such ads earlier this year, according to a report from CNBCtoday. Lifting the ban will allow regulated crypto exchanges to purchase ads through Google’s platform in the US and Japan starting next...
  10. curator

    Business Twin Brothers become Millionaires after creating Cryptocurrency in Mum’s Kitchen – BellaNaija

    Brothers Steve & Sam Williams, founders of Populous Twin brothers Steve and Sam Williams have become multi-millionaires after launching what is one of the world’s leading crytocurrencies. What’s more impressive was that their … Read more via BellaNaija – Get more...
  11. curator

    Business Traders Are Talking Up Cryptocurrencies, Then Dumping Them, Costing Others Millions – Slashdot

    Dozens of trading groups are manipulating the price of cryptocurrencies on some of the largest online exchanges, generating at least $825 million in trading activity over the past six months and hundreds of millions in losses for those caught on the wrong side, according to a Wall Street …...
  12. curator

    Business No one is sure about cryptocurrencies, but Microtraction is banking on Bitkoin Africa to deliver –

    When Microtraction launched last July, it came on with a mandate to solve the problem of funding for early-stage technical startup founders in Nigeria. Since then, it has completed investments in two Nigerian startups — CowryWise and Bitkoin Africa — both of which play in the fintech space...
  13. curator

    Business Thousands of cryptocurrency projects are already dead – TechCrunch

    Two sites that are actively cataloging failed crypto projects, Coinopsy and DeadCoins, have found that over a 1,000 projects have failed so far in 2018. The projects range from true abandonware to outright scams and include BRIG, a scam by two “brothers,” Jack and Jay Brig, and Titanium, a …...

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