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    World Enough is enough! Let us now guillotine the corrupt among us – Daily Nation

    Thomas Sankara, the Burkinabe revolutionary cut down in his prime, renamed Upper Volta Burkina Faso, the Land of Upright Men. Methinks it was the land of Upright Women too. But you get the point – under Sankara’s rule, Burkina Faso … Read more via Daily Nation | Home –...
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    World Trafficked for sex: How Nepalese girls are lured into a life of slavery in Kenya – Daily Nation

    Asali Bai, 20, came to Kenya in November last year hoping to find a way to support her family back home in Nepal. But when she got here, the young woman, who had been … Read more via Daily Nation | Home – http://bit.ly/2IYRkGQ Get more World News