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    Mummies, here are 9 signs you’ve got an amazing husband! – Pulse Nigeria

    If you've been married for a long time, chances are that you'll sometimes feel that your husband acts differently compared to when you were dating. It's normal for couples to experience a plateau in the romance, but for the most part, if your husband fits most of the items on this list, then...
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    Reasons You Should Stop Looking For A Relationship Online – TechMoran

    Have you been looking for a relationship online? In the quest for love you can try different things and different places including online. Social media has made it super easy to connect with people worldwide which is a good thing but at the same time it means that you have … Read more via...
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    8 Ways to Be a Better Spouse, According to a Relationship Expert – Parents

    Raising kids and keeping your relationship strong doesn't come with an instruction booklet. But these tips from clinical psychologist Alexandra Solomon, Ph.D., on how to be a better wife or husband come pretty close.... Read more via Parents
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    Don’t Be Deceived! Check Out 5 Signs That You Are Your Boyfriend’s Side Chick – Tori News

    Have you been worried that you may actually be your boyfriend’s side chick? These are certain signs to look out for..... Read more via Tori News
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    Sexual Health Yes, latex gloves can be part of a healthy relationship: busting the myths around sexual fetishism – The Conversation AU

    People with sexual fetishes aren’t dangerous; nor are their desires a sign of mental illness. Fetishism can be part of a healthy relationship ... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health I want my life back, I feel used by my married boyfriend – Daily Nation | Home

    I need your advice on a decision I am about to make. I am in a relationship with a man who separated with his wife in 2016 but is yet to divorce her. The two have two children together. Early this … Read more via Daily Nation | Home
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    20 young men list qualities of the perfect girl to marry – Pulse Nigeria

    Young Nigerian guys tell us the biggest features a woman must have before they can take her home to mama. What do you understand, or rather what is your definition of wife material? ... Read more via Pulse Nigeria – Nigeria
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    How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work (Motivational Video) –

    How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work (Motivational Video)... Nollywood News, Motivation & Business Ideas
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    11 Actions Your Partner Won’t Hesitate To Take If They Truly Love You, According To Experts – Bustle

    If your relationship is strong and brimming with love, you may notice a few things your partner does without hesitation, simply because they want to. Barring a busy schedule — and sometimes even then — they may drop everything to help you out, find ways to be supportive, or do … Read more...
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    How to help your daughter through a violent relationship – Vanguard News

    With the spate of violence going on in the country, is it any wonder that teenage girls are vulnerable to rape, violence and manipulation from their so-called boyfriends? Faith, a 42-year old nursing sister had her daughter, Nike, when she was only 20. “Even as a child, … Read more via...
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    Therapists Say These Are The 7 Things That Most Commonly End Relationships – Bustle

    While you may be able to guess some common causes of breakups, there are things therapists want you to know about why these things can result in the end of a relationship. It isn’t always easy, after all, to have an outside perspective, notice these problems, and recognize the damage … Read...
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    Why Women Go After Taller Guys, Explained – AskMen

    The stunningly handsome male lead of that new rom-com movie leans in to kiss his equally stunning female lead. Except something is off — he’s shorter than she is … but you’re not really supposed … Read more via AskMen