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    General How Dating Apps Use Online Casino Techniques to Lure You In

    Nowadays, much of attention is on the mental health of people. The negative aspects of social media are commonly discussed both online on the very social media as well as publically. It seems that everyone knows something about its bad effects. On the other hand, the usual stigma on alcohol...
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    Men Like Monogamy Less Than Women, Right? Think Again – OZY

    “Why are you being so honest with me?” Hardly the most common complaint one hears from people who meet via dating apps — but alas, Brianna Rader, a queer woman, 27, had decided to speak the truth. She had been on a few dates with... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News...
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    World Dating Apps Blamed for STD Increase in Military – AskMen

    These days, it seems like everybody uses technology to find hookups, soulmates, or just other people who like dogs as much as they do. So it isn’t any surprise that even our servicemen are making connections via dating apps. … Read more via AskMen – Get more World News
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    Sexual Health WHO alarmed at STD spread in the era of dating apps – Tech News – The Star Online

    The World Health Organisation expressed alarm at the lack of progress on curbing sexually transmitted diseases, while one of its experts warned of … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health Are Dating Apps Encouraging Racism? – AskMen

    As our dating has moved online — at least the initial meeting part — it's carried over issues we face in real life such as harassment and ghosting. But there's another issue, too, racial discrimination. A new study out of Cornell University points the finger at dating apps which let you filter...
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    General Health Finally – A Dating App For Dog Lovers – AskMen

    For a while there, it felt like every week there was a new dating site: one for lumbersexuals, Kanye fans, bikers, hookups — you name it, it’s been invented. But there’s been a deep, dark, bone-shaped void in the wide world of online dating apps, and now it’s been filled. Dig is a dating app...
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    World Hamas Is Using Dating Apps to Hack Israeli Soldiers – Newsweek News

    Palestinian militant group Hamas is using fake dating and World Cup update apps to hack into the smartphones of Israeli soldiers and turn them into spying devices, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said. If soldiers downloaded the fake apps, it would give Hamas operatives the ability to see …...