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    Metro Nigeria: Diesel And Kerosene Prices Skyrocket Nationwide [DailyTrust]

    The prices of Automated Gasoline Oil (AGO) or diesel and household Kerosene have skyrocketed across the country, Daily Trust Newspaper revealed. Diesel dealers told DailyTrust that scarcity of the product may be imminent because marketers were now paying more to source the US dollar at the...
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    Deepak Khilnani Reinstates Commitment To Drive Alternate Power Solution in Manufacturing Sector

    Supplying natural gas as a source of power to areas not connected by pipeline, Powergas Africa Ltd., headed up by Mr. Deepak Khilnani, is set to change the fortunes of manufacturing firms throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The Company’s “Gas on Wheels” service is providing firms with a real...