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    General Health Here’s The Simple Way to Lose Weight And Keep It Off, According to Science – ScienceAlert

    Losing weight is often at the forefront of many people’s minds at the start of the year. But if weight loss was your goal for 2019, chances are that by now, you’ve probably already experienced some challenges. That’s because sticking to a strict calorie controlled diet is not an … Read...
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    General Health A diet rich in fiber and vegetables can relieve depression – Medical News Today

    A healthful diet can ‘significantly reduce’ symptoms of depression. That’s the definitive conclusion from a meta-analysis of existing randomized, clinical trials. Adding more vegetables to your diet can significantly boost mood, especially for women, a new study concludes. Researchers have...
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    Family Health Foods that help lactation: Diet tips and recipes – Medical News Today

    To produce milk, the body requires extra calories. Certain foods and drinks may also influence the amount of milk that a woman produces. Read on to discover some of the best foods to help lactation, along with some other tips to encourage a steady flow of breast milk. … Read more via...