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    World Brazil: Dilma Rouseff Impeached

    Dilma Rouseff, suspended President of Brazil has been impeached. It puts an end to 13 years in power of her left-wing Workers' Party. Ms Rousseff denies the charges. Sixty-one Senators voted in favour of her impeachment and 20 against, meeting the two-thirds majority needed to remove her from...
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    World 12 Most Powerful Women In Politics

    Tai Ing Wen: Tai Ing Wen, 59, was elected Taiwan's first female president on January 16, 2016. The former law professor and leader of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will also gain control of Taiwan's legislature for the first time, following eight years of government under the...
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    World Brazil: Dilma Rousseff Suspended, Acting President Promise Credibility

    Brazil’s acting president, Michel Temer said on Thursday that his new cabinet must work to restore the country’s “credibility,”. He stated this in his first address after assuming power from suspended predecessor Dilma Rousseff pending her impeachment trial. According to Temer, “we must...