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    General Health The effect of smoking on life span – Medical News Today

    There is no doubt that smoking can have serious consequences for a person’s health, but just how much effect can it have on your life expectancy? We take a look at some stats… Researchers at ‘Action on Smoking and Health’ have reported that a 30-year-old smoker can expect … Read more via...
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    General Health Five ways to quit smoking – Medical News Today

    Deciding that you are now ready to quit smoking is only half the battle. Knowing where to start on your path to becoming smoke-free can help you to take the leap. We have put together some effective ways for you to stop smoking today. Quitting smoking can be tough, … Read more via Medical...
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    General Health What Weed Actually Does to Your Brain: Here’s What fMRI Scans Show – Inverse

    In recent years, with the legal status of marijuana shifting, the scientific community has sought to better understand this complex and alluring plant. With much coverage devoted to the genetic basis of flavor and variety, researchers also aim to explain what marijuana does to a person’s brain...
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    General Health 5 Things That Are Almost as Deadly as Smoking, According to Science – ScienceAlert

    Cigarette smoking, one of the least healthy habits out there, is quickly disappearing in the United States. The rate of American adults who smoke has declined from 42 percent in 1965 to 15 percent in 2015. However, there are a number of risk factors taking its place, many of which … Read...
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    General Health 25 Facts About Smoking That Will Disturb You – Verywell Mind

    If you are still on the fence when it comes to quitting cigarettes, think again. While you may think that it’s an issue you can deal with later, the current evidence suggests that time is not on your side. While you should always approach smoking cessation as a positive … Read more via...
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    World Teenager Chops Off His Penis After Smoking Indian Hemp

    16-year-old boy has reportedly slashed off his manhood and almost killed his mum after he had feasted on what has been described as “super-strong” strain of Indian hemp. The delusional teenager had reportedly gone to bed with a knife, as he started hallucinating, fearing that some people...