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    Business Why Efritin is Leaving Everything in Nigeria (The Real Story)

    Founded in August 2015, classifieds site Efritin.com stormed Nigeria and 'laid claim to everything,' according to a report on NaijaTechGuide. Two years later, Efritin is suddenly packing out and leaving behind about 200 ex employees, office chairs, tables and even coffee mugs too. There are...
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    Business Nigeria: Efritin Classified Site To Close With Loss Of 200 Jobs

    Efritin Nigeria, Saltside‘s online classifieds company that stormed the market ubiquitous adverts two years ago is now shutting down with about 200 Nigerians losing their jobs, Nigerian Bulletin gathered. According to reports, the staff are already vacating the Ikeja head office and office...
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    Use 'Buy Now' On Efritin For FREE Delivery Within 24 Hours

    Buy Now is a newly introduced service on Efritin that enables quick safe, easy and FREE delivery of items bought on the site within 24 hours. This service has been introduced to ease the safety and convenience issues around online classifieds transactions in the country. What this means now...