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    World EgyptAir: 'Missing Flight Blown Out of the Sky', Donald Trump Claims

    EgyptAir flight 804 has yet to be found -- nor has a reason for its disappearance been released – but US Republican front liner Donald Trump is convinced he knows why the Cairo-bound aircraft went missing. "A plane got blown out of the sky, and if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn’t blown out...
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    World EgyptAir: Press Statement Over Missing Flight [PHOTO]

    Airbus has issued a statement confirming that MS804 was lost over the Mediterrean at 2.30am local time. It has not confirmed a report that the plane crashed. Below is the statement: Airbus regrets to confirm that an A320 operated by Egyptair was lost at around 02:30 am (Egypt local time) today...
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    World EgyptAir Plane Hijacker Arrested at Cyprus Airport

    Seif Eldin Mustafa, hijacker of the Egyptian plane, Egyptair MS 181, has been arrested, state media reports. The EgyptAir plane was hijacked while flying from the Egyptian Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria to the capital, Cairo, but was forced to land in Cyprus, following a bomb threat...
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    World EgyptAir Hijacker Identified, Overtook Plane For ‘Love – Not Terrorism’

    The hijack of EgyptAir Flight MS181 on Tuesday morning was the desperate act of a lovelorn man rather than an act of terrorism, the Cyprus president has said. Egyptian state TV had earlier named Ibrahim Samaha as the hijacker, saying he chose to land the Egyptian aircraft at Larnaca airport...