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    Business The Major Problems Facing Nigeria's Power Sector - Minister Fashola

    Nigeria's Power Minister, Babatunde Fashola has stated that the problems facing the country's power sector are man-made and not technical as widely speculated. According to a document he sent to Sweetcrude, Fashola said “the Ministry had evolved clear roadmaps that were already being...
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    Business Electricity Tariff Hike: NERC Tells Nigerians to Prepare for Total Blackout

    The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has warned that Nigeria will experience total electricity blackout if its 45% tariff increase is reversed. A court recently ordered the NERC to reverse the tariff increment following the suit of an activist lawyer, Toluwani Adebiyi. NERC is...
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    Business Darkness Looms in Nigeria as Power Investors Threaten to Pull Out

    Nigeria's power sector, according to Quartz, faces a looming catastrophe as investors have threaten to pull out of the country. The country's power sector saw a major reform in December 2013, with distribution companies privatized. Many hoped that the entry of investors into the sector would...