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    6 Casual Questions To Ask When You’re Getting To Know Someone New – Elite Daily

    Starting interesting conversations with new people can be an important skill when it comes to evaluating whether someone has dating potential. Fortunately, one of the most natural ways of getting to know someone can be asking them questions about themselves. However, it’s also important to...
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    General Health 6 Health Benefits Of Laughter That Are Backed By Experts, So You Know They’re No Joke – Elite Daily

    You’re probably familiar with the saying "laughter is the best medicine." But what you might not realize is that laughter is quite literally good medicine. Pull up your favorite episode of The Office or add the newest episode of your favorite funny podcast to your listening queue, because the …...
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    Sexual Health 3 Sex Moves That Make It Easier To Have, Uh, A Really Great Time – Elite Daily

    If you’re not orgasming during sex, it could be because of the positions you’re using with your partner. There are certain techniques that can make it more likely for a woman to finish during sex, as well as specific sex positions for easier orgasms. "We all vary in how … Read more via Elite...
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    Sexual Health The Hidden Health Benefits Of Sex Will Make Your Orgasms Feel Even More Mind Blowing – Elite Daily

    Orgasming doesn't just feel amazing; it improves both your physical and mental health in so many ways. Whether you're masturbating or having sex with a partner, all the stimulation and pleasure happening throughout your body can have long-lasting effects that go far beyond a single, toe-curling...
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    Sexual Health 12 Answers To Sex Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask Your Friends – Elite Daily

    We casually talk about sex with our friends over $13 omelettes, but we can’t bring ourselves to discuss those potentially mortifying personal questions we’re really curious about (cough butts, cough). Let’s face it: You don’t want your friends envisioning you doing anal, and you sure as hell...