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    Metro Experts Explain Why People Like Pain During Sex, & It Makes Sense – Elite Daily

    As someone whose sexual tastes run pretty vanilla, I’ve never personally understood the appeal of BDSM. Now let me be very clear: I don't think it’s weird, shameful, or wrong if someone does. I don't judge anyone's personal preferences or kinks, so long as they're practiced consensually and...
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    Sexual Health Here’s Everything You Need To Know About HPV, Because It’s More Common Than You’d Think – Elite Daily

    All it took was one panicked text from my BFF to make me realize how little I knew about STDs and STIs. I was on the Amtrak train, blissfully zoning out to a bluesy Spotify playlist when an alarming message popped up on my phone screen: “OMG. I have … Read more via Elite Daily...
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    Sexual Health Here’s How To Have Kinky Sex If You’ve Fallen Into A Routine, According To Sexperts – Elite Daily

    Sex therapist Susan Segal told Elite Daily that she has had to address individuals and couples stuck in sexual routines before. “If someone’s going to do it — have sex the same way, all the time, which a lot of couples get into doing, like a habit — we … Read more via Elite Daily...
  4. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Here’s Why So Many Celebrity Couples Split Up, According To Experts – Elite Daily News

    It seems like every other day, we’re reading (or rather, mourning) about yet another celebrity … via Elite Daily News – https://ift.tt/2AlBfI6 Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    World Do Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank Have A Prenup? The Answer Is Pretty Surprising – Elite Daily

    The upcoming royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank has the whole world talking, and it's for good reason. Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank are fairly low key and.... Read more via Elite Daily – https://ift.tt/2NluAAS Get more World News
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    Entertainment Beyoncé Addressed JAY-Z’s Cheating On ‘Everything Is Love’ & Twitter Is Losing It – Elite Daily

    The moment that Beyoncé and JAY-Z fans have all been waiting for is finally here, you guys. The couple released their first-ever joint album.... Read more via Elite Daily – https://ift.tt/2JUfbqn Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    Will And Jada Are Redefining Normal With Their ‘Open’ Relationship – Elite Daily

    Jada Pinkett Smith has decided to come forth and address the rumor mill, speaking about her supposed open relationship with her husband of nearly 20 years Will Smith. The actress recently spent some time with Howard Stern on his Serious XM radio talk show. In true Jada fashion, she approached …...