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    World Elon Musk can’t just walk away from his Twitter deal by paying a $1 billion breakup fee – CNBC

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    World WeWork’s Ex-CEO Will Reportedly Get a Package Worth $1.7 Billion to Walk Away From WeWork – Inc.com

    I'm so old that I can remember when WeWork thought it couldn't possibly live without its co-founder and then-CEO, Adam Neumann... Read more via Inc.com – https://ift.tt/2PaE9ar Get more World News
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    World Pablo Escobar’s brother pours fuel on the flamethrower feud with Elon Musk – Digital Trends

    Remember Elon Musk’s “Not a Flamethrower” from last year? Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto recently launched his own eerily similar product, a device he said looks almost identical because Musk stole the idea from him and then beat him to market... Read more via Digital Trends –...
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    World Bill Gates Just Revealed the 1 Eye-Opening Thing Steve Jobs Had That He Didn’t (Clue: It’s Not Creativity) – Inc.com

    Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. There were many differences between Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.... Read more via Inc.com – https://ift.tt/2Xw5Dwl Get more World News
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    World Is it time to revive the rumors that Apple will buy Tesla? Here’s why one expert thinks so – MarketWatch

    The bad news seems to keep on coming for Tesla Inc., and one expert says this is the year the electric-car company “comes undone” — and maybe gets bought by Apple Inc. Scott Galloway, an author, marketing… Read more via MarketWatch – https://on.mktw.net/2WkGnb5 Get more World News
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    Entertainment Johnny Depp claims ex-wife Amber Heard had an affair with Elon Musk – Mail Online

    Johnny Depp has accused Amber Heard of beginning a relationship with Elon Musk just a month after they married in 2015. Depp’s claims stem from a $50million defamation lawsuit that he filed against his ex-wife after she accused him of domestic violence, a claim that Depp says is ‘an … via...
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    World Elon Musk gets $2 billion loan from China for Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai – IBTimes.co.uk

    Three of China’s “Big Four” state-owned banks are the biggest investors in Tesla’s massive Shanghai Gigafactory, making the Chinese state the largest investor in this battery and electric car making enterprise. Construction of the Shanghai Gigafactory will begin in a few months and is being...
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    Business Elon Musk tells Tesla employees the company is ‘very close to achieving profitability’ after agreeing to pay SEC $20 million (TSLA) – Pulse Ng

    In an email, Elon Musk told Tesla employees on Sunday they have "one more day of going super hardcore" to close the quarter and the company is "very close to achieving profitability and proving the naysayers wrong." Musk assured investors that Tesla would turn a profit...... Read more via...
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    World The epic tale of China’s out of this world plan for space domination – WIRED

    It’s 2050. The Moon has been colonised by China, with its Lunar Palace base growing potatoes, wheat and carrots – though residents also need to get used to eating mealworms for protein. Everything is grown and recycled in the robot-built base’s white, tubular buildings.... Read more via WIRED...
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    Business Elon Musk Reportedly Bailed On SEC Settlement At The Last Minute – Carscoops

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is suing Tesla CEO Elon Musk for committing securities fraud and it looks like the outspoken executive was originally going to settle with the government. According to the Wall Street Journal, the SEC created a settlement with Musk and had gotten it...
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    Business Elon Musk charged with fraud – Autoexpress

    Elon Musk, the chief executive and co-founder of Tesla, has been charged with securities fraud and could lose control of his company as a result. The allegations come as the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleges tweets by... Read more via Autoexpress –...
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    World Everything we know about SpaceX’s first moon passenger, Yusaku Maezawa – Yahoo News

    SpaceX revealed the first passenger its signed up to fly to the moon on Monday for one very expensive art project. The Elon Musk-founded company will send 42-year-old Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa into deep space, but he doesn’t want to take the trip … Read more via Yahoo News –...
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    World Tesla chief Elon Musk smokes marijuana on live web show – the Guardian

    Elon Musk, the billionaire chief executive of Tesla, risked provoking fresh concern from investors on Friday after smoking marijuana on a live web show with US comedian Joe Rogan. Musk, 47, who has repeatedly accused a British diver of being a paedophile, spent two-and-half hours on the...
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    Business Tesla Shares Shaken by Accounting Chief’s Exit and Musk’s Pot Smoke – Business Day

    Tesla shares dropped sharply on Friday after the electric-car company disclosed that its chief of accounting was leaving the company only weeks after coming aboard. The upheaval in the executive ranks emerged... Read more via Business Day – https://ift.tt/2QcAaIf Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    World Investors to get their say after Musk scuttles Tesla buyout – Reuters

    (Reuters) – Investors on Monday will render their verdict on Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk’s decision to abandon a proposed $72 billion buyout to take the luxury electric car maker private. .. Read more via Reuters – https://ift.tt/2P5FsnM Get more World News
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    World Tesla’s Semi truck is traveling cross-country ‘alone’ – Engadget

    Tesla Tesla’s Semi truck has already made some city-to-city trips, but how does it fare on cross-country jaunts — you know, what it’ll be doing when it enters service? Just fine, if you ask Elon Musk. In response to an Electrek piece on the Semi’s latest visit (to Arkansas … Read more via...
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    World What Elon Musk gained from his Tesla indecision – Recode

    Elon Musk concluded his Shakespearean soliloquy — “to take private, or not to take private” — in the depths of a Friday evening, 17 days after he began a drama that now appears awfully self-defeating. Tesla’s announcement at 11pm ET last night that it … Read more via Recode – All Posts –...
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    Business Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Remain a Public Company – More Top Stories – Google News

    In a statement late Friday night, Elon Musk, the electric-car maker’s chief executive, said he and the company’s board had concluded that they would not turn... Read more via The New York Times – https://ift.tt/2Ne2Dvn Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Business Finance: Tesla short sellers raked in $1 billion, hours after Elon Musk revealed his struggles in an eye-opening interview (TSLA) – pulse.ng – Nigeria

    A revealing and emotional New York Times interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, during which he mused about investors who bet against his company, seems to have given those same investors a big payday on Friday. Tesla short sellers raked in about … Read more via pulse.ng – Nigeria’s...
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    World Elon Musk admits he’s had a ‘difficult and painful’ year – Roadshow – CNET

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year, and now he’s opened up about just that in a far-reaching interview with The New York Times. Tesla Model 3 production was lower than anticipated last year and the Model … Read more via CNET –...