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    World Google Translate is getting a transcribe mode for lectures, speeches – Engadget

    In the future, Google Translate will be able to transcribe long lectures while translating it into another language in real time. The tech giant has demonstrated the upcoming feature at an event in San Francisco where it demoed some of its artificial intelligence projects.... Read more via...
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    World Bloomberg: Apple will start making a smaller, cheaper iPhone in February – Engadget

    Apple might launch a new low-cost iPhone very, very soon. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant’s suppliers will start assembling an affordable iPhone model, the company’s first since the iPhone SE, as soon as February. Further, Apple will reportedly unveil the device in March. Reports...
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Opera accused of offering predatory loans through Android apps – Engadget

    Opera has frequently tried to claim the moral high ground in the web browser world, but it’s being accused of using its side projects for far less virtuous behavior. Hindenburg Research has published a report alleging that Opera is running four Android apps aimed at India, Kenya and Nigeria …...
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    World Harvard student deported based on friends’ social media posts – Engadget

    If you thought the US’ decision to screen social network posts for visa applicants risked giving innocent people the boot, you guessed correctly. US officials have deported.... Read more via Engadget – https://ift.tt/2LgCBrR Get more World News
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    World Analyst: Apple will soon ditch its butterfly keyboard design – Engadget

    After years of controversy and technical difficulties, Apple could be about to give up on the butterfly mechanism keyboard in its MacBooks. According to a report authored by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who has a decent record in accurate Apple predictions........ Read more via Engadget –...
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    World UAE debuts the world’s largest individual solar power project – Engadget

    The United Arab Emirates might still be associated with oil money, but it just set a record for reducing its dependence on oil. The Emirate Water and Electricity Company has started running Noor Abu Dhabi, the largest individual solar power project in the world.... Read more via Engadget –...
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    Business Google stats show how much a recovery number prevents phishing – Engadget

    In case you haven’t already set up a recovery phone number for your Google account, and enabled extra security features like multifactor authentication, the search giant is using hard data to explain why you should...... Read more via Engadget – https://engt.co/2LSyjKP Get more: Nigeria...
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    World US Air Force successfully shoots down multiple missiles with a laser – Engadget

    The US Air Force just edged closer to its goal of outfitting aircraft with laser weapons. Testers at the White Sands Missile Range have successfully shot down multiple air-launched missiles using the Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD), proving that it can hold up under...
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    World Teenager sues Apple for $1bn, claiming facial recognition led to false arrest (updated) – Engadget

    An 18-year-old from New York has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple over a false arrest he says happened because of what he believes to be Apple’s face recognition system. NYPD officers arrested Ousmane Bah on November 29th after he was falsely linked to a series of Apple … Read more...
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    World Facebook’s terrible 2018 – Engadget

    2017 wasn’t great for Facebook. The company spent most of the year explaining how it exposed 126 million Americans to thousands of Russian-linked pages, which were part of the.... Read more via Engadget – https://ift.tt/2A7pdBt Get more World News
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    Business Apple wins appeal in $234 million patent infringement case – Engadget

    Apple has won its attempt to have a patent infringement damages award against it reversed. In 2015, a jury found that Apple had infringed University of Wisconsin-Madison patents with some iPhone processors, and ordered the company to pay the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (which … Read...
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    World BMW will unveil its Formula E racer next week – Engadget

    The fifth season of the Formula E championship is scheduled to start on December 15th in Saudi Arabia, and it will be the first one where BMW participates as an official manufacturer. While all of the cars will use the same next-generation Formula E chassis... Read more via Engadget –...
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    World Mark Zuckerberg op-ed describes the election interference ‘arms race’ – Engadget

    Ahead of Senate hearings that will see Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifying about foreign election interference, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has chimed in via an op-ed in the Washington Post. While we wait to watch the hearings in the morning, you can have a...
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    World Google defends search policy following Trump accusations – Engadget

    In response to accusations tweeted today by Donald Trump, Google has issued a statement saying that it doesn't tailor its search results based on political ideologies.... Read more via Engadget – https://ift.tt/2wmCJiW Get more World News
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    World Tesla’s Semi truck is traveling cross-country ‘alone’ – Engadget

    Tesla Tesla’s Semi truck has already made some city-to-city trips, but how does it fare on cross-country jaunts — you know, what it’ll be doing when it enters service? Just fine, if you ask Elon Musk. In response to an Electrek piece on the Semi’s latest visit (to Arkansas … Read more via...
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    World Mercedes teases production electric SUV ahead of September 4th reveal – Engadget

    Daimler Mercedes is nearly done with showing off concepts and prototypes for the EQC. The automaker has teased the production version of the electric SUV in a video that promises a full reveal at its September 4th event in Stockholm. While it’s only the briefest peek, the clip makes … Read...
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    Metro How to better secure your smart home – Engadget

    With the advent of gadgets like doorbell cameras, smart kitchen appliances and data-logging sensors that track your sleep, the smart home now extends to even the most intimate areas of the household. It’s great for general convenience, like knowing whether you left the heater on or locked …...
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    World Twitter bans Russia-linked accounts following indictments – Engadget

    The US' indictment of Russian officers over the DNC hacks is having an effect... at least, on Twitter. The social network has banned accounts for.... Read more via Engadget – https://ift.tt/2mgIDfZ Get more World News
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    World Ex-Apple employee arrested with stash of self-driving car secrets – Engadget News

    LewisTsePuiLung via Getty Images In a world where everyone wants a piece of the growing self-driving industry, we might have to get used to reports of betrayal and trade secret theft. US authorities have just arrested a former Apple employee for stealing the tech giant’s self-driving trade...
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    Sports Goldman Sachs’ AI predicts Brazil will win the World Cup – Engadget

    Goldman Sachs is giving another go at predicting which team will win this year’s World Cup. After incorrectly predicting how the 2014 tournament would turn out, it’s trying again and its calculations say that France, Brazil, Portugal and Germany will make it to the … read more via Engadget...