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    10 tips for startup success as an entrepreneur – TechMoran

    Entrepreneurs are saddled with the responsibility of designing and creating solutions that meet the needs of their target audience. This process is often filled with twists and turns, leading to sometimes, expected and also … Read more via TechMoran https://ift.tt/30XAkYQ
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    [Video] 3 Signs That You Will Become Rich One Day

    This is an interesting video but it really boils down to being decisive and not afraid to fail or make mistakes. finally, remember time is money.
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    Business A Letter To The African Entreprenuer By Ogbemi Kesiena

    Can you still remember the exhilaration you felt, the joy, the fear, the excitement, all mixed up in one, that euphoria that filled your heart and mind the minute you thought of that idea. It started growing in your mind, growing until it took on a life of it own. You imagined that this would...