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    Metro Lassa Fever Has Killed 100,000 Nigerians - Expert

    Prof. Dennis Agbonlahor, a member of the National Committee on the Control of Lassa fever, says the virus had killed more than 100,000 Nigerians since the discovery of the virus in the country, calling for more funding and political will to combat the scourge. Agbonlahor said this while...
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    Metro Beware! Fattened Chicken Can Cause Food Poisoning, Infections – Experts

    As we eat and dine for Christmas, we should also be caution of our health as well as what we eat and take during this period. Here is a report on meat that has been fattened with hormones and genetically modified feeds. One of such meat is chicken. Nutritionists say that when it comes to...
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    Metro Social Media Bill Would Increase Cybercrime in Nigeria - Security Expert

    The Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) said the plans by the Nigeria Senate to gag social media would increase cybercrime in the country. CSEAN President, Remi Afon, while condemning the move, said it violated the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. "No...
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    Metro [List] Major Causes Of Death In Nigeria - Medical Expert

    Medical expert has listed the following as the major cause of deaths among Nigerians. Poor diet Self-medication Lack of comprehensive medical check-up Lack of exercise According to the medical director of SUN Medical Diagnostics, Onitsha, Dr. Paul Lewis, these lists are so essential for...