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    Metro Heartbroken Nigerian couple who lost 3 sons to street violence in London beg for justice – Face2Face Africa – Face2Face Africa

    A Nigerian couple recently left people heartbroken after narrating the events leading up to the deaths of their three sons in London. The couple, Linda and John Burke-Monerville, living in London, have demanded.... Read more via Face2Face Africa – https://ift.tt/2YvjweS Get More Nigeria...
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    Metro The growing menace of African women being sexually exploited in the West via voodoo – Face2Face Africa

    Josephine Iyamu, a Liberian-born citizen of Britain has just been sentenced to 14 years in prison for sex trafficking and obstruction of justice. An investigation into her activities began last August. Josephine Iyamu… The Independent Using the moniker Madame Sandra, Iyamu recruited women from...
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    Metro The mystical Nigerian children born with natural dreadlocks that must never be shaved off – Face2Face Africa

    They are believed to be special and have unique and spiritual capabilities like the gift of healing, extreme intelligence and physical strength. Known as Dada from Yoruba culture in Nigeria, these children are born with naturally matted or locked hair. The hair is similar to dreadlocks and is...
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    Metro 5 oldest secret societies in Africa you knew nothing about – Face2Face Africa News

    Many people are obsessed with secret societies. For some, they explain the unthinkable. For others, secret societies actually control our lives, pulling the strings of politicians and the elite to yield unparalleled influence in the world. In Africa, secret societies have a long history, with...
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    U.S. will make Africa great again with Nigeria’s help – Nigerian governor implies – Face2Face Africa

    Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and the U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday expressed their commitment to working together on economic engagement, political stability and counter-terrorism. The meeting between the two leaders has since been hailed by some quarters, and the latest one is...