facebook data crisis

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    World An open letter to that useless Facebook friend who shared your data – CNET – CNET

    The Facebook scandal has taught me a valuable lesson this week. When the inevitable zombie-virus apocalypse hits us, the whole world will be infected because a few people didn’t wash their hands. No matter how prepared we are, how many vaccinations we’ve stockpiled or how many faceless soldiers...
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    World Why Facebook’s Mission Is Bigger than the Cambridge Analytica Scandal – The Market Mogul

    Facebook is currently seeing an existential crisis on a global scale over allegations that roughly 87 million of its users had their personal data harvested without consent by a data analytics company linked to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and AggregateIQ — the digital agency used...
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    World Zuckerberg: I’m still the man to run Facebook – BBC News

    Mr Zuckerberg says he will not step down Despite the turmoil that continues to surround his company, Mark Zuckerberg has insisted he is still the best person to lead Facebook. "When you’re building something like Facebook which is unprecedented in the world," he said Read more via BBC News...