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    Metro "If You Are Single At 35+ & Still Celebrating Birthdays, Shame On You"- Nigerian Lady

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    Metro 'I Don't Want To Make Heaven If It's Where Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi Will Go' - Lady Declares - Nairaland

    A Nigerian lady,Angela Nwosu, known for her outspokenness took to Facebook to say that she does not want to make if it is where the likes of Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo and others will go to after death. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro She Has A1 In Bedmatics And Does Not Refuse My Sexual Advances - Nigerian Pastor Praises Wife On Facebook - Linda Ikeji

    A Nigerian pastor in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Wauton Knight, took to Facebook to celebrate his wife with kinds words and praised her sexual prowess as she turned a year older. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro "I'm Ugly But My Private Part Is Tighter Than Those Of Beautiful Ladies" (Photo, Video) - Gossip Mill

    Watch below
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    Metro Corporate Affairs Commission Staff Queried Over Facebook Post On Buhari & Fulanis [SEE POST]

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    Metro Lady Under Fire For Posting After Sex Photos With Boyfriend - Pulse.ng

    A young Nigerian lady has come under fire after she posted photos of herself and her boyfriend before and after sex, with many believing, she has debased herself and womanhood. READ MORE HERE
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    Politics Reno Omokri Accepts President Buhari’s Challenge To "Prove He Is A Liar"

    I Accept President Buhari’s Challenge To Prove That He Is a Liar It is very interesting that President Buhari has said that he did not sack the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, when he came in because he wanted him to salvage the terrible economy he inherited...
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    Metro Yorubas Are "Sophisticated Morons" - Chairman Editorial Board, Vanguard Newspaper

    Mr. Ochereome Nnanna, Chairman Editorial Board of the Vanguard newspapers, has described the Yorubas as "sophisticated morons". Nnanna made this assertion in his reply to a post on Facebook.
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    Metro Man Places Curse On His Girlfriend For Dumping Him, Shares Photo Of Them Kissing

    See photo below
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    Metro Nigerian Lady Posts Topless Pictures On Facebook, Nigerians React [SEE PHOTOS]

    A Nigerian lady who lives in Lagos - has incurred the wrath of online users after trending on Facebook for the wrong reason. The young lady identified as Linda took to social media to share a picture of herself topless as she said she's not ashamed of who she is, how she lives or how she looks...
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    Metro Man Attempts Suicide, Climbs High Tension, Gets Electrocuted, Survives [PHOTOS]

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    Metro I Am Not A Wife Material, I Am Not A Feminist - Nigerian Lady, As She Smokes [PHOTO] - Nairaland

    A Nigerian lady has got herself trending yet again after revealing why she's not a wife material. The social media influencer, Angela Nwosu took to Facebook to share her reasons as she smoked shisha. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro 16-Year-Old Girl Who Always Sleeps In Class Gets Pregnant In Lagos [PHOTO]

    A 16-year-old girl identified as Sofiatou has been forced to discontinue her tailoring classes after getting pregnant. According to the Programme Director at Kindle Africa Empowerment Initiative, Olorunfunmi Adebajo, the pregnant teenage girl who translates Yoruba to Egun language in the...
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    Metro All Men, Including My Father, Are Full Of Shit - Nigerian Slay Queen Cries Out - YabaLeftOnline

    See post below
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    Metro "Call Police, Army, Mopol To Arrest Her For Overload": Reactions To Curvy Lady's Pics - Nairaland

    Roman Goddess extremely look-alike Nigerian lady by name Maria storms facebooks with some sexy photos, which is highly appreciated and received by her friends. READ MORE HERE