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    Entertainment #ENDSARS: ''Most Nigerians are rude to armed police officers and this is very wrong'' - Charles Novia - LINDA IKEJIS BLOG

    Filmmaker, Charles Novia, has reacted to the recent killing of football fan, Kolade Johnson, by SARS officers in Lagos. Novia while condeming the act of the SARS officer, pointed out that most Nigerians are rude to armed police officers which is very wrong. According to him, the man with a gun...
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    World Rob Spence: Meet Filmmaker Who Had Eyeball Replaced With A CAMERA To Conduct Documentary Interviews

    Rob Spence, a filmmaker who took a bold step towards becoming a bionic journalist by replacing his eyeball with a minute camera. Spence lost the use of his eye following a shooting accident when he was nine. But decades on, the Canadian documentary maker had the idea of replacing the eye with...