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    Metro Conor McGregor arrested for allegedly smashing, stealing fan’s phone – Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog

    UFC star, Conor McGregor arrested in Florida, United States of America, for allegedly smashing and stealing fan’s phone outside a hotel. McGregor, 30, was booked and charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief, police confirmed to Fox News. Conor McGregor arrested for allegedly...
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    World Florida school shooting victims honored across state – USA Today

    More than 20 vigils for the victims of the Parkland school shooting happened simultaneously Monday night at schools, churches and in parks across Florida. Read more via USA Today – http://ift.tt/2CwYOvl Get more World News
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    Metro Monkeys in Florida have deadly herpes, so please don’t touch them – The Verge

    If you see a monkey in Florida, don’t touch it. It seems like pretty basic advice, especially now that scientists have found that more than a quarter of these adorable, feral invaders carry the deadly herpes B virus. Though at least 25 percent of the population carries the virus — … via The...
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    World Orlando Shooting: Suspect's Father Speaks

    The father of Omar Mateen, identified by officials as the shooter who killed at least 50 people at an Orlando gay nightclub early Sunday morning, said if he could ask his son one question, it would be: “Why?” In an interview with ABC News at his home in Fort Pierce, Florida, Seddique Mateen...
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    World [PHOTOS] Bizarre! Woman Rushed to Hospital with Shark Stucked to Arm

    An unidentified 23-year old woman in the US state of Florida was rushed to a hospital on Sunday after being bitten by a shark — with the whole animal still clutching on to her right arm, according to the Guardian. The small nurse shark, which was about two feet (61 centimeters) long, was killed...