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    WhatsApp Users Beware: Here’s How Chats Are Available To Anyone Via Google – Forbes

    People use WhatsApp to chat to their friends and family because it’s easy to use and private. But the encrypted app might not be as private as you think. ... Read more via Forbes
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    Three Reasons You Should Never Save Payment Information Online – Forbes

    “Would you like to store this card information online for future use?” Are you the type who clicks “Yes” or “No”? There is usually very little gray here – you either immediately click “Yes” because the convenience outweighs any … Read more via Forbes
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    The 2019 List Of The Most Dangerous Airlines In The World – Forbes

    The last 40 years have seen continual engineering advancement that solidifies aviation as the safest form of transportation. However, with the actual numbers of air passengers and flights increasing at an exponential rate, you could be forgiven for questioning the statistical evidence...
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    The 7 Most Dangerous Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Should Know About – Forbes

    As we enter new frontiers with the latest technology trends and enjoy the many positive impacts and benefits it can have on the way we work, play and live, we must always be mindful and prepare for possible negative impacts and potential misuse of the technology. Here are seven of the most...
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    11 Reasons You Will Never Be A Millionaire – Forbes

    If Kylie Jenner can become the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire at 21, surely the rest of us can manage to become mere millionaires over our lifetimes. The truth is that there are millions of millionaires in the.... Read more via Forbes
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    How Can I Tell If My Internet Provider Is Throttling (Slowing) My Connection Speed? – Forbes

    There have been recent trends for Slow Food (as opposed to fast food or just not savoring your meal) and Slow Travel is proving popular. But no one likes slower internet, especially if you are paying for high-speed, broadband internet service. An internet speed test website is seen on a …...
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    General Health The HPV Vaccine Is A Cancer Vaccine, Not A Sex Vaccine – Forbes

    Marcia Cross, actress best known for her work on the hit television show Desperate Housewives, recently revealed that she is being treated for anal cancer, which is seen in less than 1% of cancer cases each year. The actress wanted to share her story, not only to raise awareness of … Read...
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    Seven Of The Best Calendar Management Practices – Forbes

    The adage “time is money” has never been more appropriate than it is today, in this always-connected, digital age. People have more demands for their time and more obligations — both personally and professionally — than ever before. Considering that there are over 25 million meetings every day...
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    Digital All iPhones And Some Android Phones Are Vulnerable To A New Device Fingerprinting Attack – Forbes

    Researchers at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory have developed an insidious fingerprinting attack that allows iOS and Android devices to be tracked across the internet. The attack is simple to execute and virtually impossible to stop without direct … Read more via Forbes...
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    General Health The Ridiculous And Possibly Harmful Practice Of Cupping – Forbes

    People are easily fooled. Even smart people. I’m not talking about voters in the U.S. and the UK, although both groups have recently demonstrated how easily they can be conned into voting against their own interests. You can read plenty of articles about that elsewhere. No, I’m talking about...
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    Sexual Health The 9 Most Important Sex Trends Of 2018 – Forbes

    This year was a mixed bag for sex and sexual expression in America. Positive trends from recent years continued, like sex toy innovation and proliferation. But so did negative trends, like the rising rate of sexually transmitted infection transmissions. Many novel trends in 2018... Read more...
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    General Health If Radiation Exposure Kills People, Why Is It An Effective Cancer Treatment? – Forbes

    So, to paraphrase - If water drowns people, why is it essential for life? -or - If knives kill people, why are scalpels used in surgery? Because too much of anything can be dangerous, but the right amount can be life saving. Read more via Forbes
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    How You React To Your Mistakes Is What Defines You – Forbes

    In 2011, Reed Hastings shared plans for his company’s next move with a friend. He had decided that Netflix was going to split its DVD and streaming services and charge customers separately for each. Hastings’ friend was a Netflix subscriber and didn’t like the idea, saying “I don’t want to …...
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    ‘You’re Perfect For The Job — But You’re Too Expensive’ – Forbes

    Dear Liz, What’s the correct response to, "You’re perfect for the job — but you’re too expensive!"? I wouldn’t mind hearing, "You’re too expensive" when I’m discussing a job opportunity on the phone. That wouldn’t bother me. That’s not the way it’s worked out, though. I’ve only heard, "You’re...