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    Business Nigeria: 08/06/2017 - Today's Naira Rate Against Dollars, Pounds and Euros

    Today's (08/06/2017) exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira against the Dollar, Pound and Euro
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    Business Naira Falls By 3.7% to 375/USD on Black Market

    Dollar shortage worsens as Central Bank of Nigeria delays announcement of more flexible foreign exchange system, Aminu Gwadabe, president of Bureau de Change Operators of Nigeria told Bloomberg by phone. According to him: “Importers that waited to buy dollars at a better rate under a...
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    Business CBN Set to Announce FX Policy Reform [BusinessDay]

    Strong indications have emerged that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will soon announce a new and robust foreign exchange policy that will address the supply side of foreign exchange and a stable and realistic exchange rate that would engender foreign direct investments (FDIs), Business Day...