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    World 63 Civil Servants Suspended Over Stolen HIV/AIDS Funds

    Malawi has suspended 63 civil servants who allegedly stole millions of dollars of US funds sent for fighting HIV and AIDS, local media reported Friday. Health Minister Peter Kumpalume told the Daily Times newspaper that senior officials from the health ministry’s finance, human resources and...
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    Politics Arms Deal: I'm Ready To Expose More Top Nigerian Leaders - Dasuki

    As details of huge funds disbursed by the Office of the National Security Adviser under Col. Sambo Dasuki continue to surface, indications emerged last night that the embattled security czar is set to expose more top Nigerian leaders who benefited from the funds. A source close to the former...
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    Politics Ministers' Allowances Will Be Slashed Soon - RMAFC

    The outgoing chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) Mr. Elias Mbam, Monday revealed that the allowances of political office holders, particularly ministers, will be slashed as part of the government’s effort to reduce the cost of governance. He also...