gionee m5 mini

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    The Gionee P5 Mini Ain't Small, It Just Fits

    Following anticipations and speculations, the new phone from Gionee was officially unveiled in Nigeria this morning. Despite its initial meeting with its consumers, it was love at first sight. On the various mini stages, the P5 mini in all its colours elicited sparkles of admiration. All...
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    Extreme, Insane And Impossible: Speaking Of The Gionee M5 Mini Battery

    Recently, mobile phone manufacturing giant, Gionee, released its newest model into the Nigerian Market. The M5 Mini, which is just four weeks old, is fast becoming a favourite in the country. It will take a while to get over its beautiful look and amazing performance, but it will take forever to...
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    The Gionee M5 Mini Has Got Nothing To Hide

    There is a difference between the phone about to be launched and one that has been bought. Before launch, a phone can be a bit too proud and boastful but after spending one week with its buyer, it will be more humble and sincere. The about-to-be-launched phone can hide behind glossy images...
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    GIONEE Launches Its M5 MINI: For Once, The Hype Was Not Enough

    INTRODUCTION After so much anticipation, Gionee launched its newest addition to its M5 family. News of the arrival of the Gionee M5 Mini has been generating speculations and debate since the company hinted the new release. Speculations came to an end on 10th February 2016 when the spectacle...