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    Religion & Spirituality 25 Reasons Why People Stopped Believing In God – BuzzFeed

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the reason they stopped believing in God. Here are their insightful replies: 1. Watching a loved one die: "I never doubted God, until my grandma was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s when she was about 60. When she …...
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    Religion & Spirituality The Question Is Not, “Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?” It’s, “Why Do We?” – Sarah Thebarge

    When I first started doing public speaking engagements, a philosophy professor contacted me and asked if I’d like to come speak to his Theodicy class. I said, “Sure,” and then as soon as we got off the phone I Googled “Theodicy” because I had no idea what it was. … Read more via Sarah...
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    Religion & Spirituality 10 ways to spend more time with God (2) – Vanguard News

    “Yet he often withdrew to deserted places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16) “He was praying in a cer-tain place . . .” (Luke 11:1) Change your Devot-ional’s to leadership ones. You cannot really walk with God when you only read and study Devot-ional’s that are meant for generality of believ-ers. Go...
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    Religion & Spirituality It’s as if God Isn’t There! – A Tippling Philosopher

    The other day, I posted a piece about the Problem of Evil. There was an interesting comment on the piece as follows: Here’s my question: How would it had been different if God weren’t there? He claims that “if he wasn’t there [she] wouldn’t have made it.” What … Read more via A Tippling...
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    Religion & Spirituality How Do I Cling to God — When Life Feels Easy? – Desiring God

    We’re here to talk about @JackieHillPerry, because you are quite gifted on social media. I’ve followed you for some time, always to great benefit. So I want you to talk with us for the next few days about some of your most viral tweets. I want to … Read more via Desiring God...
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    Religion & Spirituality Practical advice on how to discern God’s will – Aleteia

    Straightforward tips from Mother Angelic on hearing God’s call for us. Discerning God’s will can be a challenging process. It’s not easy knowing what God is calling us to do and often we lack the confidence that enables us to make a … Read more via Aleteia — Catholic Spirituality...
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    Politics Fayose: Why God is Angry With President Buhari

    Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State yesterday lambasted president Muhammadu Buhari, saying that God is angry with him. Fayose, who spoke with journalists in Abuja on Tuesday itemised the lists of elections held under the present government, stating that power belonged to the God and and should...
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    Politics Goodluck Jonathan's New Year Message To Nigerians

    Former President Goodluck Jonathan has issued a statement on his social media account wishing Nigerians a prosperous New Year. Read text: "On behalf of my family and I, I would like to wish all Nigerians a Happy New Year. We are all brothers and sisters born from the womb of one Nigeria and as...
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    World Stop Referring To God As ‘He' or 'She' - First Female Bishop In Lords Insists

    The first woman to take a Bishop’s seat in the House of Lords has said that God should not be referred to as either ‘He’ or ‘She’, insisting that God is gender-neutral. The Bishop of Gloucester, who today took her place in the upper chamber for the first time, said that she always referred to...