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    World US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir - Guardian UK
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    World UN chief praises Africa's efforts to stem virus as Brazil sees record daily deaths - Guardian UK
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    World Africa's Covid-19 research must be tailored to its realities – by its own scientists - Guardian UK
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    World Revealed: 'former Vodafone executive' in 5G conspiracy video is UK pastor - Guardian UK
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    Sports Brazil knocked out of World Cup by Kevin De Bruyne and brilliant Belgium - Guardian UK

    Brazil knocked out of World Cup by Kevin De Bruyne and brilliant Belgium READ MORE HERE
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    World Many young African women with HIV unaware they are infected – The Guardian

    Many young African women with HIV unaware they are infected Study across seven sub-Saharan countries shows less than half of young women carrying the virus were aware they had the disease HIV blood sample testing tabs at the Bwindi Community Hospital in western Uganda. Photograph: Andrew...
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    World Church Of Sweden Bars Ministers From Using The Word 'Lord' Or 'He' For God - Guardian UK

    The Lutheran Church of Sweden has decided it’s ministers should not use the word “Lord” anymore when referring to God READ MORE HERE
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    World More Trouble For Oscar Pistorius As South African Court Doubles Prison Sentence - The Guardian

    A South African appeal court has more than doubled the former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius’s prison sentence for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The supreme court of appeal (SCA) increased Pistorius’s sentence from six years in prison to 13 years and five months. READ MORE HERE
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    World How London Imam Guarded 'Terrorist' That Vowed To Kill Muslim Worshippers

    Counter terror police are investigating the incident in Finsbury Park, where eight people have been taken to hospital and one dead. According to Guardian UK, Witness Hussain Ali, 28, said that, while being restrained, the man was protected by the people he is thought to have been targeting. An...
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    World Donald Trump: I Could 'Shoot Somebody' and Still Not Lose Voters

    Republican frontrunner is so supremely confident that he believes he could commit murder and maintain his lead over his opponents, Guardian UK reports. Speaking in Iowa, Trump claimed he could withstand any attempt by his political rivals to knock him off his top perch. His typically...