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    4 Important Things You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

    Whether you are traveling out for business, pleasure, academics or whatsoever, there are certain things you need to know to ensure you have the best travel experience. These are quite easy and knowledge of them has saved many travelers from stress and potential embarrassing situations abroad...
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    Important Things To Take Along If You Are Relocating To USA For The First Time

    International Drivers License/Permit Most cities in the US do not have a good public transportation system, hence you need to borrow, rent or buy a car to move from one place to another. An international drivers license/permit would allow you move around for sometime before you get a proper...
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    How To Process Your Certificate Of Occupancy ( C of O) In Lagos

    A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is a document issued by Authorities to a land owner as evidence of ownership of land. It contains the terms and conditions for the grant of the land. A C of O is issued by the Governor of a state or the President in the case of Federal Capital Territory...
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    What To Do When Your Car Tyre Bursts On Motion

    There isn't a doubt that a tyre blowout ranks the highest on any highway driver’s list of fears. With good reason, as a tyre burst could lead to a complete loss of car control. The good news is, with tyre technology continually improving, blowouts are becoming an infrequent occurrence. Still...
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    How To Know The Expiry Date Of Your Vehicle Tyres To Prevent Accidents

    Every tyre has an expiry date after which it is supposed to be replaced , lest it risks a blow-out! The life span of a tyre from the date of manufacture is four years. Now, how do you know the date a tyre was manufactured? It is written on the tyre as four digits! The first two digits...
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    Metro Do You Need Help In Lagos? See Police Help-lines

    The Police in Lagos said on Friday they had circulated some help-lines to improve service delivery to Nigerians and to make policing more transparent. This is contained in a press release signed by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Lagos, DSP Joseph Offor. Provost Marshal –...