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    Video Marijuana and Fertility: Five things to know - EurekAlert!

    For patients who smoke marijuana and their physicians, "Five things to know about ... marijuana and fertility" provides useful information for people who may want to conceive. The practice article is published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Here are five things to know about...
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    Video 8 Strength Exercises All Beginners Should Learn How To Do -

    Here are 8 strength exercises all beginners should learn how to do
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    Digital 10 ways to download and read books online for free – CNET

    If you’re like me, books are a refuge, whether on my Nook, my Pixel 3 ($699 at Walmart) or on the paper page. I love the complete immersion that a story and its characters bring. But when you’re reading several books a month, getting new titles the easy way, from … Read more via CNET...
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    Travel How To Apply For A Nigerian International Passport –

    Are You looking to travel across the shores of Nigeria? Might be for a business trip, a vacation or maybe you are looking to study in a standard university abroad, well all these would be impossible if you do not possess a Nigerian International Passport. So how do i obtain this International...
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    How To Deal With Cheating – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News

    Q: My husband is having an affair and it is not his first. I mean, the fact that I stayed with him even after finding him in our matrimonial bed with the housekeeper must say a lot about me. My wonderful husband … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News...
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    How To Insert The Naira Symbol In A Microsoft Word Document

    Step 1 Launch Microsoft Word and type the amount, say N5000 Step 2 Highlight the letter N Step 3 Press Control D (Ctrl + D) to open the Font Modification Icon and wait for the font dialogue to open in the font dialogue box, you will be able to select more advanced options for your fonts...
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    How To Watch Online Videos Even With A Slow Network

    Most people do not bother to watch online videos simply because they have slow internet connection either on their mobile phones, laptop and desktop. This has made a lot of people miss on on information that could have made their lives better. However, there is a simple trick you can use to...
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    How To Stop Random Apps From Automatically Installing/Updating On Your Phones

    There has been an increase in the number of malware apps ravaging Android devices which is becoming somewhat problematic. Most frustrating are those malwares that keep downloading and installing random apps without your consent. Some of these apps just pop up with random adverts in your device...
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    See How To Opt Out Of Those Annoying MTN Subscription-Based Messages

    Are you tired of those annoying messages from MTN giving you tips you most likely don't need? How about the weekly and monthly deductions from your balance for subscriptions you probably did not remember registering? Here is a simple step by step process to opt out of those subscriptions 1...