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    Entertainment Oprah Winfrey and Jon Bon Jovi ‘secretly’ built entire communities for Hurricane Katrina families – Mail Online

    Oprah Winfrey built homes for 65 families who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the families are known as ‘Oprah’s Angels’ The residents of Angel Lane will forever be grateful to Oprah Winfrey for saving their lives. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 14 years ago, the world’s most …...
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    Entertainment ‘It’s Crippling to See What’s Happened.’ Why TMZ Producer Confronted Kanye West - news

    Van Lathan had never met Kanye West before the rapper showed up at the offices of celebrity news site TMZ on Tuesday and proclaimed that dwelling on slavery is a “choice” for African Americans. But like so many fans, Lathan felt like he already had a relationship with West. … Read more via...