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    Entertainment Imoh Umoren Shares Awe-Inspiring Teaser For ‘The Herbert Macaulay Affair’ – Konbini Nigeria

    Knowledge of Nigeria’s history — or the utter lack thereof — is something that this generation has recently started to grapple with. There’s a startling lack of objective records when it comes to the foundation of our country. That’s exactly why The Herbert Macaulay Affair, an upcoming movie...
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    Entertainment Watch The Trailer For Imoh Umoren’s Upcoming Film, ‘Lagos; Sex, Lies & Traffic’ – Konbini Nigeria

    Just a month ago, Imoh Umoren released a trailer for his upcoming film, Dear Bayo. Clearly, 2019 is going to be a really big year for the acclaimed filmmaker, as he’s now released a trailer for another film, Lagos; Sex, Lies & Traffic, and it looks pretty darn good. … via Konbini Nigeria –...